Statement by Mr. Ronald Blackburn Moreno Regarding Proposal for Regulating the Internet

Statement by Mr. Ronald Blackburn Moreno, President and CEO of the ASPIRA Association Regarding the Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski’s Proposal for Regulating the Internet

WASHINGTON, Dec. 2, 2010 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Yesterday, the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission announced his intention of bringing before the Commission a long awaited set of «net neutrality» rules. The proposal seeks middle ground between the extensive and damaging regulation that would come with reclassification of the Internet, and reasonable regulation favored by the telecom industry and many advocacy groups.

ASPIRA has long been involved in this issue because of the potential impact of regulation on access to quality Internet service in the Latino community, especially in schools and community centers. ASPIRA’s position has been clear. We strongly support an open Internet in which ISPs do not discriminate against content providers. However, we recognize the need for the telecom industry to reasonably manage their wire and wireless networks so they can provide all customers with a quality experience. We are very much opposed to unwarranted regulation, especially in these hard economic times, that would stifle investment in network infrastructure and broadband deployment and hence diminish access and degrade services in our communities.

ASPIRA has consistently taken the position that Congress should resolve the net neutrality issue, not the FCC which is bound by outdated telecommunications legislation. However, the FCC decided to move ahead in absence of Congressional action. Even though we are somewhat encouraged at the attempt at compromise, and though the details of the FCC proposal have not been released, we urge the FCC to be very cautious and to refrain from imposing a broad set of rules that will negatively affect investment, innovation and ultimately the consumer. Most importantly, we again urge Congress to step in and bring the nation’s telecommunications legislative framework into the 21st century to address rapidly changing wire and wireless network environment.

ASPIRA is the only national community based organization dedicated exclusively to the education and leadership development of Latino youth. ASPIRA is a confederation of statewide ASPIRA organization operating in eight states and Puerto Rico providing after school programs and operating schools to increase academic success of Latino youth.

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