Obama and the White House in Spanish


ATLANTA, Nov. /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — The conviction that a life with so many blessings must be lived to serve one’s neighbor is expressed in a sentence that can be read as part of President Barack Obama’s biography on an official Government homepage, the White House website, which recently began to offer information in Spanish. Currently there are only four biographies on the site and a brief text that says: "Welcome to the new page in Spanish at WhiteHouse.gov"


Hugo Hernandez, founder of El Club de Comerciantes, says about this, "To include information in Spanish on the White House web page is a friendly gesture that President Obama’s staff has made toward Latinos, and I think that many of us Latinos still haven’t found a way to communicate with officials of the United States government.»


For this reason, El Club de Comerciantes recently published on its portal the most up-to-date list of government offices that offer information in Spanish.


This list is available on its website at: http://www.elclubdecomerciantes.org


Be an entrepreneur in Spanish. Latino Entrepreneurs in the United States create 35 thousand new businesses each month, and the 2.2 million Latino businessmen in the United States generate nearly US$388.7 billion in profits, according to a new report prepared by the company HispanTelligence.


Nevertheless, a recent study presented by the Small Business Administration (S.B.A.) shows that the average educational level of immigrant business owners is at the high school level, and for this reason, El Club de Comerciantes has begun to offer on its website a large selection of educational videos covering a range of subjects from Steps for Starting a Business, Business Administration, and Computing, to Technology, Electronic Commerce and Learning Basic and Intermediate English.


This information is available free of charge to everyone. One can also find information at the Portal of El Club de Comerciantes on manufacturers selling wholesale products from Mexico and South America.


As business consultant Max Arrechea comments, "This website is the Google for small businesses; you can find all sorts of practical information to provide fuel for those who want to prevail, as well as excellent wholesale suppliers." Leonardo Lavin, who designed the company Gusthech, had this to share about his experience: "At the El Club de Comerciantes portal you can find anything wholesale, from seeds to technology. Our company manufactures bottling machines, and we use this site not only to sell bottlers, but also to upgrade our own training."


Hugo Hernandez, one of the creators of the El Club de Comerciantes portal, notes: "We're interested in helping Latino businessmen to get a solid grounding in the rules of the game when it comes to running a business in the United State; however, we also believe it's essential to help businessmen so they can buy Mexican and South American wholesale products directly from the manufacturer and the farmer in the U.S. and Latin America.


To access the site all you have to do is register free of charge on its website: http://www.elclubdecomerciantes.org


The portal of El Club de Comerciantes is basically an educational project that has been created with the support of many volunteers and friends who have collaborated in the generous undertaking of offering quality training to entrepreneurs who do not have the resources to invest in their own education.



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