Garcia Research hispanic online panel reaches 10,000 member mark


BURBANK, Calif., Nov. 10 /PRNewswire/ — Garcia Research is pleased to announce that we've surpassed 10,000 Hispanic online panel members last week, and the numbers are rapidly growing.


Launched in September of 2009, Cada Cabeza(TM) is the first Spanish dominant Hispanic online panel created by a research group that truly understands the cultural nuances of the Spanish dominant Hispanic population.


Cada Cabeza(TM) was born out of our own need to fulfill Spanish dominant Hispanic quotas online. After identifying that the rest of the research community was in need of the same demographic, Garcia Research sought to fulfill this need through the creation of Cada Cabeza(TM). The Cada Cabeza(TM) panel now provides high quality Spanish dominant Hispanic online sample that was at one point non-existent. Nobody else in the industry has as many un-acculturated Hispanics in their online databases as Garcia Research.


With our online team consisting of experienced panel managers, creative survey administrators, and a bi-lingual customer service panel hotline, our Hispanic panel promises to deliver the highest quality online data available.


Our proprietary phone-to-online recruitment method powered by the new fully-hosted, Software-as-a-Service telephony solution that combines CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) with predictive dialing, has aided us in becoming the largest Hispanic online panel. The facts speak for themselves; Cada Cabeza(TM) has over 10,000 members.


Cada Cabeza(TM) would like to thank all of our 10,000+ panelists and we look forward to hitting the 100,000 mark very soon!


So if you are looking for an online panel that delivers Spanish dominant and English dominant Hispanics, please contact us for your next Hispanic research project.



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