Essential Information for Beginning or Improving Emergency Preparedness Planning — Family or Business

Nevada City, CA (PRWEB) August 25, 2010

As current events become more critical to the conscientious preparedness and contingency planner, reliable and accurate information and guidance has become more vital. While governmental and Red Cross websites are of great service in alerting the public to the importance of emergency and disaster preparedness, and offering basic information, more detailed and specific guidelines are recommended.

Denis Korn, with over 35 years experience as a recognized expert in preparedness and outdoor recreation safety planning, has created two web resources for the preparedness and contingency planner. PrepareDirect ( is the product site with quality items and provisions, and Learn To Prepare ( is the information blog.

Learn To Prepare is devoted to specific and accurate information, guidelines, tips, links, resources, recommendations and step by step instruction for the serious emergency prepper, outdoor adventurer and corporate contingency planner for human resources. In conjunction with the specific preparedness topics, Mr. Korn has drawn upon his background as a college philosophy instructor to offer insights and reflections on other important factors that influence the preparedness process such as attitude, honesty and trust.

While there are numerous timely and relevant articles and posts relating to emergency and disaster preparedness planning at Learn To Prepare, Beginning & Improving Preparedness Planning ( is appropriate for both the new and continuing planner. This article will assist anyone who is serious about preparedness with the right questions to answer, guidelines, action steps and potential emergency scenarios.

The article presents a guideline that can be followed which will lead one on an important journey to being prepared in the event of any number of potentially unexpected events. This process is basically undertaken in three phases – each one of which will take as much time as one wishes to devote, and the degree of urgency that is being experienced.

1. First, there is an initial assessment necessary to determine the direction you are heading.
2. Second, there is further evaluation, research, and planning required to develop a firm foundation for the third phase, and to develop the clarity required for appropriate and accurate decision making.
3. Third, there is taking action and assembling the appropriate provisions and critical information you have determined are necessary for your security and peace of mind. This phase is ongoing as you continue to evaluate, research, and build up your supplies and information.

The article begins the preparedness process with 6 basic questions that one is encouraged to answer that will lead along the matrix to the final destination. The first 3 questions are most critical and will establish a foundation for discovery:

What is your attitude concerning emergency preparedness?
What are the circumstances or scenarios and their severity you have determined may exist that will require you to rely upon your preparedness supplies?
What is the length of time you will be affected during these scenarios that you will be required to rely on your preparedness supplies?

The committed individual, family and business is encouraged to study carefully the articles and posts presented at Learn To Prepare. Taking the appropriate steps in emergency preparedness can ensure health, well-being and possibly the saving of lives.

For further information contact Mr. Korn ( directly. Mr. Korn welcomes individuals, companies, organizations – profit and non-profit, government agencies, service organizations, schools, churches and temples.

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