FN P90 Airsoft Gun: Not Your Father’s Airsoft Gun

Pacoima, CA (PRWEB) August 25, 2010

When military units from Saudi Arabia, Peru, Thailand and other countries were looking for a personal defense weapon that was more compact than the traditional rifles they had been carrying, they turned to the P90. The compact machine gun like trijicon 1 moa rmr that comes with the highly recognizable shape holds many advantages in the real combat arena that directly translate to its airsoft brethren. One of the most distinct features of the P90 is its versatility for both the right and left handed shooter. The airsoft P90 gun (http://www.toykin.com/470-fps-Auto-Electric-FN-P90-Airsoft-Rifle-P90.html) offers a great mix of compact size, sustained firepower and shot velocity.

With unconventional looks, the P90 has drawn a lot of attention in the firearms world. The gun features a top loading magazine, integrated sights, and a highly unusual stock not seen before on a submachine gun. Another well liked feature on the P90 is the ease with which it disassembles and can be put back together.

The airsoft FN P90 (http://www.toykin.com/470-fps-Auto-Electric-FN-P90-Airsoft-Rifle-P90.html) is a very logically and well built piece of equipment once you overcome its space age looks. The grip on the P90 is very comfortable for any shooter when brought to the shoulder and placed in the firing position. One of the reasons for this is it is very compact at only 22 inches in length. Another fantastic feature on the P90 is the pressure sensitive trigger that is offered on the gun. When in auto mode, your rate of fire is determined directly by your pressure input on the trigger, and is very responsive.

The P90 airsoft gun is battery powered, running off of a 9.6V battery. This is more than enough power for the P90, as it will propel its projectiles well over 200 feet and at a rate of 470 Feet per Second. In terms of speed, the high powered P90 motor has no problem emptying a 68 round magazine in mere seconds at a rate of about 800 rpm.
The P90 is perfectly suited for both medium and close range combat thanks to its compact design. Some shooters even find holding the P90 at arm’s length and firing it like a pistol to be their preferred method of shooting. The P90’s comfortable pistol grip, along with it weighing in at only five and a half pounds makes this an easy task.
The P90 airsoft gun (http://www.toykin.com) is a must have for any airsoft gun enthusiast. Its light weight and compact design, along with its high velocity make it the perfect submachine gun. The P90 makes a great second weapon to have during combat, as it is easily storable and concealable.

Key features of the P90 airsoft gun:

• Metal Gear
• High Torque Motor
• Full and Semi Automatic
• Shoots at an amazing 470 fps
• Highly Accurate
• ~800 Rounds Per Minute Fire Rate
• Very Realistic Look and Feel

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