Real People Share Hopeful New Way Forward to Better Health and Weight Control

Pacific Palisades, CA (PRWEB) August 25, 2010

A free Internet tool for achieving better health through balanced nutrition has inspired a new book featuring the remarkable true stories of 42 real people—people who have taken control of their weight without fad diets or costly meal plans. The book, Balanced Days, Balanced Lives (, offers an inspiring look at how a few fundamental but simple truths can change the lives of people who might have lost hope in their struggle for weight loss.

“In less than seven minutes a day, the NutriMirror food journal ( empowers its users to log their food and physical activity, assess the impacts of their decisions, and to make the informed choices that will bring their bodies into calorie balance and nutritional balance,” says Michael Ray, one of the co-founders of

Balanced Days, Balanced Lives shares the stories of 42 NutriMirror members—representative of thousands more—who are successfully managing their weight and nutritional balance with the online food journal. But the book expands on the philosophy behind NutriMirror to show readers how even non-members can make simple, easy lifestyle changes to create calorie and nutritional balance (—and to achieve lifelong weight control success.

“NutriMirror does for health precisely what the invention of the mirror did for appearance,” Rays says. “It puts each person in control of managing an outcome they seek. When we have mirror-like truth that comes out of personal experience and direct, measured feedback, we tend to make wiser choices that serve our own best interests.”

Readers of Balanced Days, Balanced Lives will learn the Eight Guiding Truths that the book’s contributors have adopted in pursuit of better, healthier lives. They will see the physical activities and 42 actual days of the foods contributors enjoy to achieve balance.

“Readers will discover themselves within the deeply personal stories contributors share about the circumstances that led them to seek lasting change,” says Ray. “They will be heartened by amazing then-to-now transformations, and visual proof through more than 400 color photographs that healthy balance and weight loss comes not through deprivation, but with bounty and great pleasure.”

Monica Callan, RD, a dietitian with years of experience on the front lines of the obesity struggle, had this to say about Balanced Days, Balanced Lives ( “Here you find real people, real food, real stories, and real success! The Eight Guiding Truths are the behavioral essence of what I as a health professional want people to understand.”


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