GE Healthcare Introduces New Wireless Digital Detector Option for X-ray Customers


With its ‘Digital by Design’ wireless detector GE Healthcare aims to help radiologists transition from analog to digital, and increase access for patients worldwide


CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GE Healthcare announced today the 510k clearance of its next generation wireless, digital X-ray detector at the 96TH annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago. GE’s FlashPad is a reliable, long-term investment for future Radiography and Fluoroscopy systems, compatible with a variety of GE X-ray products today and is the only wireless digital detector capable of supporting advanced applications.


Designed for digital use based on customer input, FlashPad is a flexible, wireless detector that features two handles that make it easier to position and maneuver. It is equipped with GE’s most advanced X-ray detector technology, and its unique design provides up to eight percent more coverage for key applications and maintains high image quality at low dose levels. This wireless DR option was engineered to provide high image quality at low dose levels and is capable of being utilized in all routine radiography exams, and specialized areas including, pediatric work, intensive care and trauma, and wherever conventional screen-film systems may be used.


«FlashPad is a byproduct of direct customer feedback on the challenges facing radiology departments all over the world,» said Anne LeGrand, Vice President and General Manager of X-Ray for GE Healthcare. «For the patient, this new solution from GE allows for improved access to critical X-ray technology and for customers, this innovation is a great way for any radiography department to go digital today with an affordable investment which answers the growing demand for advanced applications.»


Among the advanced applications that can be performed using FlashPad, include:


• VolumeRAD – GE’s version of digital tomosynthesis for radiography removes overlaying and underlying structures, which improves the detection of lesions and therefore enhances sensitivity. VolumeRAD provides physicians multiple high-resolution slice images of the human anatomy, including the chest, abdomen, extremities and spine, using an X-ray system.


• Dual Energy Subtraction – GE’s outstanding digital X-ray application eliminates overlying bone obstruction from chest or abdominal images.

FlashPad is at the heart of several radiography products from the company:


• Discovery XR656 (powered by FlashPad)


• DR Imaging Option for Proteus XR/a (powered by FlashPad)


• DR Imaging Option for Precision 500D (powered by FlashPad)


• Optima XR220 amx and Optima XR200 amx (powered by FlashPad) [510(k) pending at FDA. Not available for sale in the U.S.]


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