Digital Folio to Deliver Real-time Retail Pricing Data through Windows Azure Marketplace

Features over 5 billion retail data points with thousands more generated every hour – for Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and other key retailers and marketplaces.

Denver, CO (PRWEB) November 16, 2012

Digital Folio announced today that it has launched its revolutionary Retail Intelligence Data API, which delivers unprecedented real-time visibility to dynamic pricing data as well as stock levels, channel availability, and reference data.

For the first time, businesses—including retailers, researchers, and analysts—can access real-time and historical competitor/retail online pricing, availability, and statistical analytics directly within Microsoft Excel, via browser, via download, or within their own business intelligence platforms—all via a self-service model without costly set-up fees or delays. The API also provides an unlimited number of queries with no limit on the number of products that can be accessed.

Digital Folio’s Retail Intelligence API ( delivers unprecedented data fidelity and access to retail big data as dynamic pricing happens.

«With online retailers now deploying the ability to dynamically change pricing up to once every six seconds, it’s nearly impossible to keep up,» said Patrick Carter, President of Digital Folio, Inc. «Digital Folio does keep up because it’s powered by the crowd, providing the platform capability to update up to 10,000 products per second. That’s the equivalent of an entire major retailer in less than a minute.»

Carter added, «From a technical perspective, we offer both OData and REST API interfaces, providing access to hourly interval summaries as well as discrete event data. We are particularly excited about also making our data API available via Microsoft’s Windows Azure Marketplace.»

Max Uritsky, Group Program Manager, Windows Azure Marketplace, said, «We are excited to work with Digital Folio and their data launch on Windows Azure Marketplace, a premiere online market for buying and selling finished premium data. Windows Azure Marketplace lets users directly access this data via large-scale Hadoop implementations, as well as via Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Office.»

«Digital Folio has already been recognized by the press for the level of dynamic pricing accuracy we deliver within our consumer applications,» Carter said. «Now our API provides dynamic pricing intelligence beyond what’s easily exposed within our shopping applications.

«Until now there has been no ‘Nielsen’ for real-time retail pricing. Digital Folio’s platform is like a Level 2 trading system for real-time retail that empowers retailers and shoppers alike.»

Digital Folio’s Retail Intelligence API represents the newest addition to the Digital Folio comparison shopping platform, which includes the powerful Digital Folio sidebar, DigitalFolio comparison shopping site, and Windows 8 app. Thousands of shoppers use Digital Folio apps to compare product prices instantly across major retailers, save their finds in intelligent shopping lists, share their finds with friends and family, and get instant product pricing and availability updates…all in one place.

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